National Parks of Southern Africa - Mike Leresche photographic

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acacia acacia albida addo addo np africa african darter african dusky flycatcher african fisheagle african skimmer african spoonbill aggression aloe antelope ape apes babbler baboon backlight barbet bateleur batis beeeater behaviour beige bird birds bishop black blackbacked jackal blackbellied bustard blackbellied korhaan blackchested snakeeagle blackwinged stilt blue blue wildebeest blur brown buff buffalo bulbul bushbuck bustard buzzard canary cape cape buffalo cape glossy starling cape ground squirrel caracal cats charge chat cheetah chinspot batis chitake springs cliffchat clouds cormorant coucal crake crested barbet crimson crocodile crombec crow crowned crane crowned lapwing crowned plover dark capped bulbul darter dassie dawn dogs dove duck dust eagle eagleowl eagles eastern cape egret egyptian geese egyptian goose elephant elephant seal elephant1 falcon female fig fight finch fish eagle fisheagle flight flycatcher flying fowl geese gemsbok gharagab giant eagleowl giant kingfisher giraffe glossy starling gnu gold goliath heron goose goshawk great egret great white egret greater blueeared starling green greenbacked heron greta white egret grey grey heron heron hippo hippopotamus hornbill hwange hyena ibis immature impala kariba kgalagadi np kgalagadi transfrontier np kingfisher kite korhaan kruger kruger np kudu lake lake kariba lappetfaced vulture lapwing lilacbreasted roller lion little egret loerie mammal mammals mana pools mana pools np martial eagle matusadonna mocking chat mopani mountain zebra mountain zebra np mpumalanga national park northern cape nossob river np orange ostrich owl oxpecker painted dog pied kingfisher pink plover pool predators purple r060 r062 r066 r067 r074 r088 r090 r095 r102 r123 r124 r140 r143 r146 r148 r230 r238 r240 r255 r259 r295 r363 r371 r402 r428 r429 r435 r443 r444 r447 r459 r463 r473 r690 r765 r771 r772 raptor red redbilled oxpecker reflection reptiles rhinoceros river rodent roller rufous sa sacred ibis saddlebilled stork shrike silhouette sky south africa southern yellowbilled hornbill spoonbill springbok starling stork sun sunbird sunset termite mound termites tree turaco turquoise twilight ungulate verreaux's giant eagleowl vulture water buck waterbuck weaver white white rhino whitebacked vulture wildebeest wildlife yellow yellow mongoose yellowbilled hornbill yellowbilled stork zambezi zebra zimbabwe